What is Vavatel?

Vavatel is software that can be installed on the phone, tablet and computer. It allows users to make phone and video calls over the Internet and is available for Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Blackberry. Vavatel offers two types of services. Free and the other paid service


  •   Any Vavatel to Vavatel     connection

  •   Sending attachments & sharing location

  •   Advanced call functions       (conferences,video calls,voice mail)

  •   Free accounts and software       updates


  •   Calls outside Vavatel at money - saving rate.

  •   Vavatel Numbers - so others can save up calling you abroad.

  •   Multipackages - attractive plans for frequently used destinations.

  The International Virtual Number (DID)

Vavatel also offers International Virtual Number, an option that allows you to call or be called from a foreign country at the cost of a local call.
For example, you have a family or business in the United States, France, South Africa and Brazil and with whom you are in continuous communication, you can get an International Virtual number by Vavatel so you can call and be called the price of a local call.


Moreover, Vavatel offers the best packages available in the market to its clients
to enable them to fully enjoy all the services offered.

Join Vavatel community in three easy steps:

  •   Download Vavatel Application (BlackBerry, iOS, Android, Mac or PC)

  •   Create an account with your number or email

  •   Start talking & saving