Reseller Program
Is a reliable solution
for your business


Reseller Program
Is a reliable solution
for your business


Reseller Program
Is a reliable solution
for your business

Business Reseller Plan

Our VoIP Reseller Program provides everything you need to resell VoIP services:

Business Ideas

VoIP is perhaps the fastest - growing segment of telecommunications and perhaps even the hottest segment of technology in general.
VAVATEL gives you so many options when establishing a VoIP business. You can have different types of services, such as: Callshop, Reselling, Prepaid Calling Cards, PINless, Callback, Call Center, Call Shop, Hosting … just to name a few! Here are some VoIP Business Ideas that can rapidly grow your business and make it hit the ground running! By creating a account or selling credit to your customer’s.

Start-up VAVATEL VoIP Reseller Business Plan

If you’re here at our webpage to start a Voip Business Reseller, we will guide you with few suggestions why you should become a Reseller of Vavatel.

Few of our customers with entrepreneurial minds often come to us to become our reseller due to affordability and quality in our service. Due to several and frequent requests from our customers to become our reseller, we started offering few Reseller Plans for our customers. Not forgetting the scope of additional revenue for the company.

To know the various plans for resellership there are fore types of plans. First and most appreciated among our reseller plan :

No Specialized Skill is need to be our Reseller

That’s true. With your entrepreneur skills in hand, you don’t need any specialized skill to become our Reseller. You just need to sell the service to your audience with your marketing skills ,In each plan, Vavatel provides the complete customer and technical support

Credit Transfer Feature

With Vavatel credit transfer feature, you can transfer your credit to your customers at ease.

Mobil VoIP Solutions
  • * VAVATEL Application Software (Mobil Voip Solution)
  • * Calling Cards
  • * Call Shop
  • * Call Centers
  • * Call Back
  • * Credit Transfer
  • * PIN and PIN Less
  • * DID / Virtual International Phone Number
  • * Residential VOIP Telephony
  • * Hotel VoIP Solution
  • * Business, Companies and Organizations

  • 24X7 Technical Support

    Getting the service at the most affordable rate is not enough. If the service fails and you don’t know what to do with your customers, it surely can disrupt your customer base. With Vavatel you need not have to worry about it. Vavatel provides 24X7 technical support for our resellers, that too in multi-languages.

    Income with Zero Risk

    With our Reseller plan, you will get a good profit margin which assures a Business income. VoIP is not like every product, once used, your customers will return to you constantly for the service.

    Simplifying your Voip Reseller business and lowering your costs

    With Vavatel you get connected to a world- VOIP Reseller business and benefit from pricing and quality that is usually only provided to top tier operators.

    We are sure that you will agree that our Reseller Plan offering will be a cost effective and reliable solution for your business.