Checkout this website, currently I am using this service to make FREE CALLLS. As I am satisfied with their service, I am referring it you guys.


With Vavatel you can make free phone calls, video calls and send text messages to all other Vavatel users around the world.

  • Check out this website:
  • currently I am using their services to make

As I am satisfied with their service, I am referring it to you guys

WHY Vava Application?

Everyone at some point needs to communicate through calls, messaging etc., locally and abroad and the cost are astronomically high.

Vavatel have the perfect solution for you! Offer you free phone calls abroad! In order to make a free phone call anywhere in the world; the person you are calling must also have the Vavatel App installed.

So get inviting your contacts to download Vavatel App right away!

Making free phone calls abroad for free has been made very simple; just download our app, create an account, check your contacts for other Vavatel users and start talking to them for free; distance is no longer a barrier - you can both be opposite ends of the world!

Now you can also conference call;send texts;video calls;attachments for free to all your Vavatel contacts. With Vavatel video calling; it enables you to see your callers and yourself whilst holding down a conversation. You can now Video Call your meetings instead of on-site face-to-face set-ups

Vavatel also offers you the ability to make very cheap phone calls to non-Vavatel. In order to call a non-Vavatel user, you will need to top up your account.

Topping up is via Vavatel Website or Vavatel App in your phone. You can top up for as you little as $5 and then make cheap phone calls to anyone in the world. Please check the detailed prices for calling abroad on Vavatel website or Vavatel App in your phone.

Prices for most countries - both to mobile and landline are listed for your convenience. Great package are offered to frequent abroad on our platform.

Huge savings of up to 90% can be made with Vavatel deals! Vavatel app can be installed on Android,iOS, Blackberry, Mac and PC Windows.


Download Vavatel to start saving money on your phone calls right away!