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    VAVATEL is a global innovative Telecommunication business company Provider.

    Your fast speed connection to the Global VOIP Communications solution. We strive to provide the best voice quality at the lowest rates. Additionally VAVATEL enables you to place standard, circuit-switched Phone-to-Phone and PC to Phone calls to any telephone in the world via a telephone or personal computer. We provide several types of calling services. To facilitate the calling procedure through the VOIP connections will provide efficient way for business worldwide calls.

    VAVATEL provides a robust suite of feature-rich residential and business communication solutions that offer Flexibility, Portability and Ease-of-Use, designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers from individuals to large businesses. Improve your business and call your customers around the world. stay always connected with VAVATEL.
    Your fast connection to the world.

    Start using VAVATEL services as we make you to be connected to the world.

    Credit Transfer Feature

    This feature will help you to transfer credit from your VAVATEL account to any other VAVATEL user's account at a mouse click.

    DID / Virtual International Phone Number

    Friends and family far away? Get a VAVATEL Virtual Number in their area code so they can call you for the price of a local call.

    Refer a friend to Vavatel service

    Are you Vavatel customer? Why not share it with your friends and make free calls with all of them? Its Easy to Inivte a Friend.


    Invite a friend to Vavatel service
    share it with your friends and make free calls
    with all of them?
    Its Easy to Refer a Friend.

    VAVATEL Apps

    Rich Communication Suite
    All-in-one solution

    - One account – many services.
    - Save up to 90%.
    - Free video calls, phone calls & text to other Vavatel user around the world.

    Vavatel App community in three easy steps:

    1 – Download Vavatel (iOS, Android, Mac or PC).
    2 – Create an account with your local number or email.
    3 – Start talking & saving.

    Download and make FREE calls
    Calling Cards

    Represent one of the fastest-growing types of VoIP services. This is a great way to start a business with fast growth. Starting a business with wholesale calling cards will provide you the opportunity to make a great deal of money.

    Vavatel VOIP Solutions
    Calling Rate
    Show all calling rates and country codes
    Call Back

    Vavatel Voip international callback service is the least expensive way to make phone calls if you travel, live or work outside of the your Country. As a VAVATEL callback & VoIP customer you have access to prices and services at the lowest rates and free of connection and hidden Fee.

    Call Shops

    Callshop is a simple and comprehensive solution for facilities allowing customers to make low cost international calls. It is fully manageable through a comprehensive web interface. The callshop administrator (owner) creates so called cabins which are in fact VoIP accounts associated under the umbrella of the main callshop account.

    Device 2 Phone

    Device to phone is an easy to use service that allows you to place high quality international calls via the internet to any phone in the world without being in front of the computer.

    * Easy Configuration
    * Cristal quality
    * Lower Bandwidth usage